Electrification funding welcomed

The 2024 Victorian State Government Budget includes funding for electrification – $38M for Solar/Electric hot water, $6.1M for Solar Battery loans and $5.9M to improve the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (energy efficiency).
See: https://www.budget.vic.gov.au/budget-papers

These funding commitments align with the priority areas of Repower The Dandenongs, i.e. encouraging the uptake of renewable energy, whilst improving energy efficiency and lowering household costs. It’s pleasing to see the State Government investing to achieve its emissions reduction targets, and at the same time, providing much needed financial relief for residents and businesses.

Hills residents wanting to learn more about existing Government support are invited to attend the Repower The Dandenongs Community Forum on Solar & Batteries, this Wednesday, May 15 at Hills Hub, Emerald, commencing at 7.30pm. The forum will also outline how renewables can address energy resilience.

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